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      äda web is inviting artists to design entry pages in reaction to the Communications Decency Act.

      It is our feeling that the regulations enacted in early February are a severe threat to freedom of speech, and do not respect either the spirit or the nature of interactive communications. Access should remain at the discretion of participants and content should remain unabridged.

      For further information please consult the links provided here.


      Julia Scher
      based on her original work
      for the show "American Fibroids"(copyright 1996)

The Voters Telecommunications Watch

Judges rule 3-0: CDA is unconstitutional! Enforcement of both "indecency" and "patent offensiveness" statues is enjoined! (June 12, 1996). Full text of decision expected by 8am PT / 11am ET.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

The American Civil Liberties Union

The Abortion Rights Activists' Telecommunications Act Page

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