Hotel London's outpost in Beijing - The Bamboo Garden - has lost its lustre since the days it housed the court's favorite eunuch. The sexually challenged official's prize relic, a glass cage of live scorpions, did not survive the last renovation of the hotel. The replacement tank holds a couple of moribund eels, a dancing troup of live shrimp, a few turtles, and more fodder for the hotel restaurant.

Beijing artists, Wang Gongxin and Lin Tian-Miao, partied together with London and a group of video/installation artists. She will be visiting their studios during the coming days.

Taxi receipt from London's hotel, The Bamboo Garden, to the "art meet". Taxi receipt

Wang Gongxin Wang Gongxin on his tiled roof.

Lin Tian-Miao holding her twined teapot sculpture.  
Lin Tian-Miao

Li Xianting
Li Xianting is an art critic and the "éminence grise" of China Pop.

Wu Wenguang is a filmmaker who wrote and directed the popular film "My Life in the Red Guards"  
Wu Wenguang

Gu Dexin
Gu Dexin is co-founder of Beijing's New Measurement Group. He is holding Wang Gongxin's "Hole to Brooklyn."

Wang Jian Wei is an installation artist whose work appeared this year in Documenta X (Kassel, Germany). He is also holding Wang Gongxin's "Hole to Brooklyn."  
Wang Jian Wei

Hole The spot where Wang Gongxin installed his "Hole to Brooklyn".
American kids just dig a hole to anywhere in China. Wang's aim is accurate - his tunnel bulls-eyes Brooklyn.

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