An unexpected problem - London cannot find a strictly traditional artist.
Yet, the only art taught in school is traditional art, or a Chinese version of realism. Plus, nearly all art exhibited is traditional or realist.


Do some Chinese artist stick to traditional ways, or have all of them opted to include foreign influences?

Two people who should know the answer are the director and his deputy at the nearly completed Guangdong Museum of Art.
Simply put, the Director and his deputy believe that no artist in China is purely Chinese.
The pervasive media have spread foreign ideas into all segments of society, including art. The Deputy Director noted that in the past China accepted many external ideas through the Silk Route. And again, Buddhism came to China from afar, from India.
Director Lin Kangsheng and Deputy Director Wang Huangsheng of the Guangdong Museum of Art discuss past and present foreign influences on Chinese art.

[3:36 min

(Chinese with French translation, about 4 minutes. Please excuse the background racket; the museum is slated to open next month.)

Lin Kangsheng Lin Kangsheng and Wang Huangsheng, in the museum's budding garden, with a traditional circular entrance.

The museum is the largest contemporary art museum in China, eight thousand square meters of exhibition space. Exactly what the directors means by contemporary remains to be seen. Certainly they do not plan to show the works of the contemporary artists of these dispatches.

Wang Huangsheng

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