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Feng Mengbo's

"Taking Mountain DOOM By Strategy"

A modern story of what happens when the heroes of the Beijing Opera meet the masters of the video game Doom.

* FIRST a live event, a historic battle in the Chinese revolution of the late 1940's, Mao's revolutionary forces defeat the Nationalist armies at Tiger Mountain.
* IN THE 1950's, reality segues to the novel, "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy"
* THEN the tale takes the form of a Beijing opera, and in the late 1960's, "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy" blossoms as a major motion picture.
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* NO ONE KNOWS which side will triumph, the young Doom sharp-shooters or the leaping, twirling footwork of Yang Zirong, the hero of the old guard. After all, Feng's opus is still a work-in-progress. Yang's fancy dancy moves would soon exhaust and trash Schwarzenegger's plodding Terminator, but is anyone fast enough to escape the cross-hairs of DOOM: "Taking Mountain DOOM By Strategy".

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Feng Mengbo

is a media artist. In addition to producing interactive CD-Roms, he outputs his digital images as iris prints, on scrolls, and silk screened on aluminum panels. This year he participated in two major international survey exhibitions, Documenta X in Kassel, Germany, and the Kwangju Biennal in Korea. In Kwangju, London met Feng, and he invited her to his studio in Beijing to look at new work. "Well Feng," says London, "I'm here now, let's see what you're doing."

Feng Mengbo Feng Mengbo
holding a scroll from series "One, Two, Three, Go"

"I'm a Tiger" series. Digital images silk-screened on aluminum panels.