While you are waiting for the checklist images to appear,
here is some information on the curator of

Joshua Decter is a New York based critic and curator, who
regularly contributes to Artforum, Flash Art, Purple Prose,
and other publications. He is currently organizing
a/drift: scenes from the penetrable culture,
for the Bard Center for Curatorial Studies Museum.

Richard Artschwager

John Currin

Nicole Eisenman

Gaylen Gerber



Peter Halley

Mary Heilmann

Peter Hopkins

Alex Katz

Byron Kim

Jutta Koether

Bill Komoski

Udomsak Krisanamis

Jonathan Lasker

Glenn Ligon

Allan McCollum

John Miller

Laura Owens

Jorge Pardo

Elizabeth Peyton

Lari Pittman

Sigmar Polke

Richard Prince

Gerhard Richter

Matthew Ritchie

Alexis Rockman

Gary Simmons

Rudolf Stingel

Philip Taafe

Luc Tuymans

Christopher Wool

Chris Wilder

Sue Williams

s c r e e n