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newtt Wednesday, October 18,1995, 12:46 AM newtt writes:
this. is. amazing. and i'll say more when i've seen more.

Wednesday, October 18,1995, 5:17 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
well newtt... if you would like to participate, and receive an artwork created via the web, from our domestic situations, then please send a photograph of yourself washing your dishes to ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 West 22nd. ST. 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. Once it is received it will be framed with a photograph of me washing my dishes, and then given or mailed (if necessary) to you as a sort of collaborative gift; collaborative in that you are producing one of the two photographs, and collaborative in that ADA WEB is funding and supporting the project. if you have any questions, please let me know. yours, ben.

Wednesday, November 08,1995, 6:14 PM newtt writes:
Well, my friend has thoughtfully given me the remaining pictures on her little disposable camera, so hopefully I'll be sending in a shot of me (and my dishes!) a.s.a.p ... Considering how INfrequently my apartment-mates to the damn things, there should be plenty of opportunities for me to capture the experience. Which, I must say, is losing its original shine, so to speak. (Dishes are better when they're a group activity.)

Friday, November 10,1995, 11:50 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear newt, nice to hear back from you. yes, i definately agree, dishes are a better activity when they're a group activity. i especially like "chewing the fat" when we're all hanging out around the sink. in fact, i've found from past projects that that's the easiest time to talkabout art, also. i look forward to seeing your picture. thanks. till then. ben.