THE TRANSMISSION is a project developed for the 5Cyberconf in Madrid in June 1996, which addressed issues of virtuality and telepresence. Using a videoconference format for a 2-way dialogue between Atlanta and Madrid, Muntadas participated from Atlanta while Claudia Gianetti was present in Madrid to collaborate in transmitting questions.

May 7, 1996: Introduction from Atlanta and Madrid. Atlanta 2pm - Madrid 8pm. Translators ready. Audience headphones. Switching languages: Spanish-English-German and Portuguese.

the monitors

Madrid: an academic conference of "experts in the field", i.e., 5Cyberconf, in juxtaposition with Atlanta: on the eve of a major popular media event, i.e., the Olympic Games.

The first, a select group at a social and supposed "learning event" and the second a world-wide spectacle that is ostensibly an event of entertainment and celebration.

This is our context: a format/medium (videoconference) that is commonly used by business and politicians, i.e. sales (money) and agreement/approval (votes).

With this context in mind, let's try using it in another way...