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First Replicator Description


The object I can see on the desk in front of me is made from cardboard, papers, a pebble, chalk, and paints. If I was to say what it reminded me of I would probably say it was a sort of orrery for a little galaxy containing a pyramid, a meteor, and a worm.

There is a circular cardboard base about 8in (20 cm) in diameter. It has been painted black with the exception of a 3 in. circle in the centre which is painted white. There is a white ring drawn in chalk 3 inches from the centre of the disk, this is hand drawn but nevertheless forms a fairly good 6 inch diameter circle. Written in black ink in the white circle in the centre of the disk are the words 'Replicator''1996' all in capital letter, each letter is about 7mm high. The cardboard is about 8mm thick and the black surface is matt.

Placed on the black disk are three other items, a pyramid, a stone and a little item made from a paper clip. The stone is like a typical grey pebble you would find on the beach, about 1.2 inch (3 cm) long x .75 inch (2 cm thick) and is like a slightly squashed egg shape. it has been placed about 2.25 inch (6cm.) further clockwise around the chalk line. The last item is a pyramid the base of which is a 1 inch square and stands 2 inches high. It is made from white cardboard and sticky tape but has been painted blue in parts to leave white cloud shapes all over its surface where the card shows through. It has been placed opposite the paper clip with its centre between the edge of th central circle and the white chalk line. Because the desk lamp is to the right of the object there are quite long shadows cast across the surface. but I am not sure this is relevant.

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