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was an online store
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extension is a directory of other sites of interest on the web
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äda 'web owes its name to lady ada augusta lovelace, also known as ada byron. aside from being lord byron's daughter, ada was a scientist. her collaboration with british mathematician charles babbage led her to invent an operating system for his
difference engine. she is considered to be the inventor of the concept of software. lady ada was also a poet, a musician, and a society woman who was very much involved with her contemporary culture. in a sense she is our muse...

äda 'web was operated by
ainatte inbal, andrea scott, benjamin weil, cherise fong, and vivian selbo, with the much appreciated assistance of our interns brian clyne, conrad newman, and susan hapgood, and the invaluable engineering contributions made by matteo ames, john bae, tom degremont, david frackman, john f. simon, jr., and asi zuriel.

together, we invited artists to experiment with - and reflect upon - the web as a medium as well as a means of distribution for their work. while we produced most of the projects you experience on our site, we also had a few guests, such as group z.

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