The Wonderland web site is an on-line catalogue developed for Julia Scher's installation, "Wonderland." This collaborative project was produced at iEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York in March, 1997.

Wendy Vissar, Producer
Wendy Vissar is a photojournalist who has recently taken the plunge into the digital environment.

Julia Meltzer, Director
Julia Meltzer, an east coast transplant from the west coast, is a multimedia artist and educator. Her work, which is often collaborative, has taken the form of single channel video tapes, and video and sound installations which deal with human interaction and the material world.

Amanda Ramos, Site Designer
Amanda Ramos is an architect who has recently designed several installations. Her work has varied dependant on the location and format of each project but she has always maintained the goal to integrate conceptual ideas into her final constructions and to effectively involve participants.

Joseph Aninno, Programmer
Joseph Annino has ventured over from the world of computer science to the world of computer art. He is interested in using the internet to create communicative and collaborative software systems, and tools for creative expression and delivery of multimedia content. He has worked on several web and CD-ROM projects, including "Witness to the Future" and "Museums of the World for Kids: The Louvre Museum", both published by The Voyager Company.

Shannon Johnson, Graphic Artist
Shannon Johnson is an electronic artist and musician who calls San Francisco her home. She has produced/collaborated on several web sites and is becomming a true _cyber mistress_. Her current work focuses on the parallels between religious ecstacy and eroticism.

Liz Miller, Sound
Liz Miller is an educator and an experimental documentary video producer with a passion for perversity, women and humor.

Ju-Mei Shieh, Graphic Artist
Ju-Mei Shieh is digital video artist.

Chien-Chun Tsao, Graphic Artist
Chien-Chun Tsao is a photographer and computer graphic artist.

Michiyo Kojima, Musician
Michiyo Kojima is a musician who began composing music at the age of eight. She is currently working on a web site which focuses on Hong Kong's transition from a British colony to communist rule .

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