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    "Reflexive Engineering, Embodied Agents, and Culture as a Domain"

    Simon Penny employs robotic technologies to produce behaving, quasi-intelligent art works. He will screen a video of his latest robotic project, Petit Mal, in which an autonomous creation serves as an actor in social space. Petit Mal, a work of "reflexive engineering," embodies a critique of conventional engineering. Penny will discuss this critique and examine the aesthetic and theoretical issues that arise in the artistic use of autonomous agents and self organizing systems.



    Penny is an Australian artist, theorist, and teacher in the field of electronic and interactive art. He is associate professor of art and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, editor of Critical Issues in Electronic Media (SUNY Press, 1995), and curator and producer of Machine Culture, an international exhibition of interactive and robotic art, at SIGGRAPH93 in Anaheim California.

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