is a magazine made from magazine pages gathered from around the world by hundreds of participants, a second generation publication.  it is a non-profit magazine, without offices or editorial board, published by l'association des temps liberés and distributed by les presses du réel (dijon, france) and idea books (amsterdam, the netherlands), in association with le consortium (dijon), conceived and realized by maurizio cattelan & dominique gonzalez-foerster since 1995
(thank you to all participants).

permanent food logo courtesy frazione di tempo

to contribute to permanent food #4 (deadline, november 15, 1996), or to become a distributor, please fax to (33.1) 42-38-26-04 (from france, add a 0 in front of the eight digit number).
to request a copy, contact les presses du réel, 16 rue quentin, f-21000 dijon (france) or a&m bookstore, via plinio 15, i-20129 milano (italy).

permanent food is pleased to announce two new products in the growing permanent f. group of publications:

- permanent family, a photo album about photo album. this publication will offer a selection of family photo albums from contributors world wide.

- permanent foam, a web page about web pages. contributions to permanent foam are welcome.