Invitations Invitations to two exhibitions opening in the coming week

Wang Gongxin will be showing videos of exercises, or dances, that old people do in parks every morning.

Invitation Invitation to "97 Beijing International Computer Art Show" jointly sponsored by The Central Academy of Fine Arts and China Hewlett-Packard

The show includes works from China, USA, Israel, Korea, Australia, Japan, Finland, and Spain. No one on the Beijing art scene knows what to expect from the show.

  New Measurement Group New Measurement Group
Founded Nov '88
Disbanded Aug '95
New Measurement Group In photo:
Left - Gu Dexin;
Right - Wang Luyan;
Bottom - Chen Shaoping

The kind of measurements the group had in mind.

The artists applied grids to images, and regraphed them according to certain formulas. They disbanded when their formulas no longer excited their interest.

New Measurement Group

Bicycle Wang Luyan now does bicycle installations. At a show in Australia, he set up a bicycle shop.

Every purchase of a work includes documentation on the bicycle. Bicycle

Installation Gu Dexin fashions complicated installations of rotten, dried meat and fruits. Rotten Meat Installation of apples and bananas in Holland. They are consumed, or eventually rot.

Chen Shaoping now does video. His works in-progress have given up the rationality of measurement for a visceral, personal involvement in the images he creates.

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