Ma Liuming Ma Liuming is a performance artist and painter. His performance art is founded on his androgynous beauty. At a performance in a Tokyo museum, taped by NHK TV, Ma took shears to his clothes, and then moved naked through the Japanese audience as if he were a butterfly recently emerged from a cocoon.

The female/male duality that powers Ma's performances resonates with his recent paintings and drawings. The new works address the issues straddling the dichotomy of young/old. Ma Liuming

In July, Ma took part in a "new art" exhibition at the Jack Tilton gallery in New York. This October, Ma will bring his performance art to four cities in Canada. His paintings and drawings are to be shown in Soho in December.

Artist in studio/home in the studio

Zhang Huang is a performance artist and painter. His performances address human limitations, which he challenges with concentrated self-control.

Zhang Huang Zhang coated with honey and fish slime seated near a fly-infested latrine.

Zhang's paintings often include his pet turtles. His intended message is "Slow down, China," an unexpected advisory from an artist who once performed with a mouthful of night-crawlers slithering over his face. painting

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