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To make your own replicator and receive a certificate of authentication from the artist, simply follow these several steps.

(If you have questions about the overview of the project just click here for an explanation).

1. Enter your name below and click on the button.

This will return a page with a the latest replicator description

2. Print out the description, and click on "Download Form"

This will return a page with your personalized entry form. You will need to use this form to submit the picture and description of your replicator.

3. Print out your customized form. You will be able to click on the form to return to the home page.

4. From the description that you have downloaded, make a replicator.

5. Have someone else describe it in writing. (make sure that the writing is legible and does not contain any drawings or diagrams.

6. Return the picture and the description to äda`web (the address appears on your customized form). Be sure that you fill out the entry form completely and legibly.

Once your form has been received and authenticated you will be sent a certificate of authentication will be sent to you in the mail.

At a time to be determined by the artist, the pictures, descriptions and as many of the replicators as are able to be located will be mounted in an exhibition.