An Unlimited Edition of 'Replicators'


"I am going to create a small sculpture out of simple materials, it will be something that I find visually appealing.

It won't be very big, in fact it will be small enough to sit on a desk or on top of a computer, the same unobtrusive size as those millions of objects you see in every office throughout the world as the VDU operators attempt to personalize their working environment. Then, like the children's game of 'chinese whispers', I am going to ask a friend of mine to describe the art work in as much detail as they wish.

A transcript of this description will appear on the Internet site and people are invited to physically construct their own art work from their interpretation of the text.

When they have completed their art work they should send me a photograph (snapshot) and a textual description (written by another person) and I will send them a signed certificate stating they have an art work by Keith Tyson and giving its replicator number.

As soon as I receive a new text it will appear and the old text will vanish. In this way, over a period of time objects will evolve into new forms."

--Keith Tyson

To Participate:

From the instructions section you can participate in the project by printing the latest description for making a replicator and the form for submitting your entry.

first: register yourself for the project by entering your name in the space provided.

second: You will be shown the latest replicator description which you can print out. Use this as a set of instructions to make your replicator.

third: click on the button that says: "get your customized form". You will see a page with a Replicators Entry form: print this form out. You will need to send this form back with a picture of your replicator and a new replicator description made by someone else.

fourth: Make your replicator. Have someone describe it. Return a snapshot of the replicator and an original of the description attached to the form to äda 'web (the address is on the entry form).


As each of the replicators is submitted, clickable image-maps of its evolution and geographic plot of its distribution will be updated on the site.

Clicking on the nodes of the geographic plot will return a frame with a list of all the replicators in the city selected by both title and date of creation.

Clicking of the nodes of the evolution diagram will return the title and date of the replicator which corresponds to it.

If you have any questions. you can send mail to äda `web.

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