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äda 'web

äda 'web was established in the early spring of 1995 with the goal to provide contemporary artists (visual artists, as well as composers, movie directors, architects, choreographers, etc), a station from which they can engage in a dialogue with users of the internet.

äda has been on the web since February 1995

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Wednesday 4 December 1996

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Best expression of the sublime since hijackings!

The aesthetic realm adaweb divines the perhaps one of the finest things available on the Net. Not only does this beat porkchops and apple sauce, but it puts some works by Tzara to shame. Obviously righteous. Thank you for existing.

Dante Blando
Utica, NY, USA

Wednesday 4 December 1996

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exchange / books / felix gonzalez-torres

i was wondering about the edition please give me more details about writer/editor publisher where when thank you, horea

phoenix, az

Tuesday 3 December 1996

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This is the worst web site I have ever visited.

This site is the biggest bunch of junk I have seen in all of my years on the web. The web design is terrible. I hope you're not paying the person who does it! Have a nice day.

Friday 22 November 1996

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hello, after visiting the site, and talking with the respinsible for Artifices 4 where Benjamin Weill will participate, I was wondering if I could get in contact with Him. I tried to send a first message by mail, but I had a wrong adress. Thank you to give the message to Benjamin, so that I could ask him some questions about the electronics arts, for a franch weekly publication called Palnet Internet. My nam: florence roy my telephone( even on saturday and more) : 0033 0149486138/40 my e-amil: bye-bye

florence roy
Paris, france

Friday 1 November 1996

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timing Turing

this really gives a new spin to watching others talk... to artificial intelligence. go see what I mean. Viv

new york, ny

Tuesday 22 October 1996

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i would like to be on the mailing list


Monday 21 October 1996

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Nice Work! =)

Hi! Nice page! Take a look on my portifolio... It will change this weekend... nanon

Andreas Nanon Lindkvist
Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday 18 September 1996

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don't be so fucking oblique.

it's really stupid to have good stuff (like the Charles Long site) and then make your entire site near-impossible to use in any linear way in order to make it look "interesting." Content can be interesting without the form being incomprehensible. The page I'm writing this into is headed "nota." I can guess that means "write a note." But what if I wanted to find out where Charles Long's work can be physically experienced? That might be interesting information, but who would know how to find it on this elliptical mess of a site? (One piece is at the Walker Art Center; after that, who knows.) Another piece of evidence: try entering "Charles Long" into Yahoo. Does this site show up? Nope. Get your shit together.

Eric Fredericksen
Seattle, WA USA

Tuesday 10 September 1996

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put me on mailing list please

James Reis
Austin, TX, US

Monday 2 September 1996

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Urgent request!!

We would like to include Securityland & Please Change Beliefs in the programme of our CITY OF WOMEN festival (Ljubljana/Slovenia, Oct 19-26/96). Please inform us a.s.a.p. whom to contact. B.T.W. ada'web is unquestionably one of the best sites on the web.

Koen Van Daele

Tuesday 27 August 1996

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(a)da for benjamin weil

i was lookink after a one page project/note that was featuring julia scher's work related to CAD. it disappeared. also there were some pages at the begining before the vehicules image(has to do with the blast project?) with lot of texts on a red background. it is obvious that i'm returning from time to of the very few STATIONS to stop. from time to time one can have his/her "self-portraits as statistic" or self-portrait with john simon jr? thank you

phoenix, az

Monday 26 August 1996

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