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äda 'web

äda 'web was established in the early spring of 1995 with the goal to provide contemporary artists (visual artists, as well as composers, movie directors, architects, choreographers, etc), a station from which they can engage in a dialogue with users of the internet.

äda has been on the web since February 1995

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FALL 1996 | page 1 2


I have just opened a site dedicated to inform about international art, and I have considered interesting to include your address on it. "ARTE EN RED" is an independent site wich contains an address selection related to contemporary art in general and electronic art in particular. ARTE EN RED. This site includes 12 sections: Artist (creation in the net, web pages) Art centers (Institutions, independents associations), Texts and discussions (conferences, congres and symposiums), Museums and Galleries, Magazines, Difusion (festivals, biennals and exhibitions), Sites, Education and Research, Music, About the Net, Directories and search engines, and... guerrilla. Your address is Sedes (Sites) COMING SOON IN ENGLISH! For further information and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards,

Laura Baigorri
Barcelona (Spain)

Monday 21 April 1997

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Invitation to all

_____________ NEW ON PASSAGE DES ARTS ______________ RICHARD HAMILTON, founder of British Pop Art, with paint on photographs. HANNAH COLLINS, with large photographs mounted on canvas. THOMAS DEMAND, with large photographs of card- board models of interior spaces. JENNY HOLZER, with words on granite benches. NETWORK INFORMATION DESIGN, an online seminar in the final stages of preparation. Check the site often for information on this experimental lab in virtual design. Dates and program to be announced soon. ------> ********************************************** Passage des Arts is a bilingual publication devoted to contemporary art and multimedia interactive design. Editor: Laurent Sauerwein, artist, designer, teacher, ex-senior reporter and anchor on French television. ------>

Laurent Sauerwein
Paris France

Sunday 20 April 1997

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Hello! You've just been featured in's Top 10 for the week. Go to and click on Eye Know Where to Go to see your review. Thanks for a great site! Heather Skiera

Heather Skiera
Tempe AZ 85281

Sunday 13 April 1997

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Just a note to let you know about a review about your site. Beatrice's Web Guide has placed ada web in its Top Art Picks. The review is at in the art section. Beatrice's Web Guide covers "Only the Good Stuff." In addition to reviews and direct links to the best sites on the web in 20 categories, the B Guide offers Fab Finds. Best, Stefanie

Stefanie Olsen
Sausalito, CA US

Friday 11 April 1997

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Web Fiction Review

Doug Aitken's "Loaded 5X" is reviewed in the April issue of Web Fiction Review ( Please drop by.

David D. Hursh

Saturday 5 April 1997

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immersive and thoroughly absorbing site.

Ada Web is one of the most fascinating experiences on the internet.

Vytas Gaizutis,

Thursday 3 April 1997

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*ZZZZ* huh what? What a dream. I dreamt I made "important" art. Now I know better.

If confusion and self-seriousness sold, you'd be a freakin' millionaire, pal. I suggest a "hints" page, so people know just what the hell your point is.

Friday 28 March 1997

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This is pretty cool.

I disagree with Leaf Erikson, or whatever his name is. Content is most important, but context is interesting and effective. This is obvious, I suppose; that's my point.

Andrew Mitchell

Tuesday 14 January 1997

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great site, and here is something you want to see!

Your site is great. It's refreshing to see that people are supporting art and its propagation> I think you should read what's coming here: I'd like to call your attention to a relatively new site on the WEB. It has all the exciting features of a good htm, but I believe it's way superior to any of them because of the very special things it offers. It's not a supermarket, but an eclectic yet universal selection of items. While it has some features that can be construed as being outlandish, they are there only to attract the masses. The knowledgeable surfer will instantly discover the treasures offered at this site. Just to wet your appetite, there is an original Tibethan manuscript, thousands of years old, offered for sale. Many other artifacts, Hungarian folkloric art, serigraphs of the works of the famous Hungarian born French painter Vasarely. and even an original novel are offered to the browser. I am surfing the Web for quite some time now, but this is the first time I have the compulsion to try and bring a specific site to the world's attention. The webmaster is young, has good taste and deserves to be helped a bit. There just might be a story there for you! Sincerely yours; Andre Bodnar

Andre Bodnar
Palmdale, Ca. USA

Thursday 9 January 1997

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Jan. 5. 97 Maybe you can help? KHOU Channel 11 in Houston, is accepting submissions for it's new Variety program. We will give serious consideration to all comer's that are broadcast quality. Video's, documentaries, shorts, film work, animation, performance art, sketches, Quicktimes, etc. All formats. Do you know anyone looking for some free promotion? KHOU broadcasts to an audience of over 4 million. Not only are we the Number #1 CBS affiliate in the country, we are also the first All Digital television station in the Nation. KHOU is one of 17 TV stations and 22 newspapers owned and operated by the A.H. Belo Corporation. Based on the performance locally of the new series, we are thinking about re-packaging the project for national distribution through our sister stations. All interested parties should contact Bret Branon first. work 713 526 1111 voicemail @ ext. 2111 work 713 268 1631 email or KHOU Ch.11 C/O Bret Branon 1945 Allen Parkway Houston, Tx. 77019

Monday 6 January 1997

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News from Anita for John, Benjamin and Andrew

Hi, this is a message for John Borthwick and Benjamin Weill, Anita's speaking. How are you all doing in NYC? The design of the site is great! Many things have changed in a year and a half. Life in Paris is going allright, Laure is in Grenoble but seems to be fed up with it. She's working at the "Magasin" (it's a contemporary art center) untill the end of February. My new e-mail is : Goodbye and take care, Anita

anita duprez
Paris, France

Tuesday 17 December 1996

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How did you do it?

Clicked on the Firefly icon and found myself logged into the fly quicker that when I access it directly. No "Sorry" page, no waiting, vo java errors. All from one click without entering anything else. Scary in one sense but impressive in another.

David L. Smith
Seattle, WA USA

Friday 13 December 1996

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