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Follow Keith Tyson's instructions and make a replicator. Then ask a friend to describe it. Return a snapshot of your replicator with its description via snail mail to äda 'web.

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How will the future scientists find these ruins of our world? Once your hard drive suffers a scratch or dent the enter civilization is erased. Our children will wonder if it ever really exsisted at all... Welcome to Atlantis.

Orange Amphibian

Tuesday 15 September 1998

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er...ada, there is a problem

I think what we have here is a great internet project which combines studio practice with communications and internet discourse, undermined by crappy technical upkeep. Come on ada, wiht 8 million dollars I could do better than that. The submit on Keith's project is not working. It has not been working for weeks. Try to sort it out, this could be a great extension to the "Art Machine" if you could SORT IT OUT. Cheers. Saul.

Saul Albert
London, England

Sunday 15 February 1998

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Tis richly rewarding; uncommonly smooth

Live the dream. Before it lives you.

The Ham King
Virtual Jamestown NY

Saturday 14 February 1998

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Hola sc la Marta! I love David. Adu.

Hola de nou

Marta Nin Llansa
Barcelona, Sapin

Tuesday 27 January 1998

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last night i dreamed i flew across the northern hemisphere as a silver ball bearing. before the northern hemisphere lit up in a burst of lightning, i wrote some numbers on the palm of my hand. 40 0004...there were some other numbers and letters to the formula, but i couldn't remember them. so anyway, tonight i hope to dream it again and recall the rest of the sequence. new zealand was very nice when i landed. thank you for adaweb, sometimes it is like dreaming when i am awake.


Sunday 2 November 1997

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Almost as good as cream corn.

On Halloween Johnny goes over to Mr. Jones's. Ding dong rings the bell. Mr. Jone comes to the door noticing Johnny dressed as a pirate. "johnny" Mr. Jones asked, "I see you're a pirate, where are your buccaneeres?" Johnny quickly replied "under my buckin' hat."


Sunday 21 September 1997

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utterly incomprehensible. Who pays for this?

John Hart
Malvern, UK

Sunday 22 June 1997

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this is a test

richmond, va, us

Monday 31 March 1997

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Greatest Contemporary Fine Arts Website on this Planet

That's true 'Internet-Art'

Hajo Wiese
Duisburg, NRW, Germany

Sunday 12 January 1997

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Wednesday 4 December 1996

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questions about replicators

I would like to write Keith Tyson to discuss the Replicators business, but I don't have time to look for his own Email address in your site (if it's here at all). I wanted to know if he had received any Replicators yet and hadn't posted them, or if his project just isn't getting any responses.

Brad Henslee
San Antonio TX USA

Tuesday 3 December 1996

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