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äda 'web

äda 'web was established in the early spring of 1995 with the goal to provide contemporary artists (visual artists, as well as composers, movie directors, architects, choreographers, etc), a station from which they can engage in a dialogue with users of the internet.

äda has been on the web since February 1995

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spring 1997 | page 1 2 3 4

please send information

Hi, is it possible to get some more (written) information on ADA. Could e.g. send me the past newsletters or other anouncements of your activities. thank you

Klaas de Jong
amsterdam, netherlands

Monday 19 January 1998

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Breathtakingly complex

Dear Web makers: I am the Program Director for the Open Studio project here in Seattle. The Open Studio Project is a national funding iniative of the Benton Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts to teach artists and art organizations how to create multimedia for the internet. I was hired by the Seattle Art Museum to conceptualize and direct the Seattle version of this project, frame the some of the large issues pertaining to digital media, and train the artists in HTML, digital imaging applications, and design, etc. I am coming to New York City on the 17th of November before attending a conference of Open Studio participants in Washington D.C. I would enjoy meeting with you to discuss mutual interests: digital media, funding, collaboration, critical theory, and more. I am finding the need to have more face-to-face connections with organizations and individuals involved in similar programs. I have November 18th, 19th, and 20th open . And also the 24th and 25th. I'd like to meet with "you". Please contact me. Sincerely, Wayne Ashley, Ph.D. Program Director, Open Studio

Wayne Ashley
Seattle, Washington, USA

Monday 10 November 1997

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These pages will bee seen in Barbican centre in London November and December 1997 Moi, Sivunne tai palvelunne linkki on mukana Link Cafe-projektissa. Link Cafe esittelee suomalaista taidetta, designia, musikkia sekä kulttuuria yleensä. Link Cafe esittäytyy Lontoossa, Barbican Centressä, a Festival of Finnish Arts and Music tapahtumassa. osoite: Jos tahdot voit hakea sivuillesi Link Cafe bannerin: Avajaiset ovat 16.11.97. Tervetuloa chattailemään! Ystävällisin terveisin: Juha Fiilin

Saturday 8 November 1997

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First cloned sheep, and now this!

wow, I thought that Dolly was enough dont you have any idea of the implications of this work? you should all have a BS and tonic and think hard

Al Dente
New York NY

Monday 20 October 1997

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Question - do you take submissions from artists or do you search around the web for artists work? If you accept submissions, I'd like to submit this URL: "Panta Rei (Everything Flows)" Thanks.

David Hartman
wouldt you like, TONO.

Wednesday 8 October 1997

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Saturday 6 September 1997

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To Jenny Holzer

Montreal, September 3, 1997 Dear Jenny Holzer : We would like to obtain your authorization to create a link to your artwork « Please change beliefs » in our electronic magazine. Every month, the CIAC Electronic Magazine will include ten artworks created for the internet. The first issue of our electronic magazine will come out at the end of September and we have chosen your work as one of those which we would like to present to our readers. The CIAC Electronic Art Magazine can be seen at the web site of Centre international d’art contemporain de Montréal at the following address : We hope that you will accept to give us your permission to show your work. You may contact us at our email address : Hoping to hear from you shortly. Sincerely. Rossitza Daskalova Sylvie Parent Editors CIAC Electronic Magazine

The CIAC Electronic Art Magazine
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Wednesday 3 September 1997

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it not so bad what you are doing guys

we will think about it ->

kassel | germany

Tuesday 19 August 1997

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Oh. How sad it is to find oneself at 14 with a terrible vengeance to pursue.


Heather Wagner

Sunday 10 August 1997

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I have a landscape and floral project you may like

See my site at the following URL address:

Eduard F. Boeckmann
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Saturday 14 June 1997

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escription of who we are/what we do : Fashion Architecture Taste - FAT are a collaborative creative team who straddle architecture, interior design, fine art and urban art events. Their unique attitude has seen them taking 1000 artists to the Venice Biennale, invading the Royal Acadamy summer show, designing the South Wests finest nightclub and speculating on the worlds first Anti-Oedipal house. hope you enjoy it, and if you think its relevant add a link! thanks sam jacob

sam jacob
london, UK

Monday 2 June 1997

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we are looking for artists around the world to share an idea with...

Hello... We saw your page on the internet. As we are looking for artists around the world you seem to be right person to share an idea with... We are an agency for new media called "virtual identity" and will produce the website for an annual festival called the "ZMF - Zelt Musik Festival" (a big music festival hosted in tents) here in Freiburg, South-Germany ... no budget ! Here's our small concept we'd like to share with you as an offer and a request: The website should not only be an exposition of the festival program on the net. It should have it's own programm developed by internet-artists around the world. Every artist has the same "paper-size" to work with. What we request is a black & white, 6 phase animated GIF in maximum size 620x190 pix. (We could send you a GIF-file showing the basic layout if you're interested.) The GIFs will be an integrated part of the daily changing homepage. You will get a link to your own site and an one phrase introduction to you and your work. The festival organizers will do a lot of promotion via tv, radio, newspapers and magazines. The motto for this year is called "Zeltliebe". That means something between love in a tent and love to a tent, but it shouldn't affect your work that much (maybe nothing pornographic but not neccessarily what parents would tell their kids about). This years festival starts June 25 and lasts till July 13. We should go online by the end of May! There will be many thousands of people listening to about 830 musicians in a few big tents. Freiburg is located in the black forrest, close to France and Switzerland. It is inhabited by about 200.000 people, 17% are students and there is an interesting history of political movements (here started the first successfull fights against nuclear energy production and house speculations in Germany for example). This somehow reflects the cultural backround of the festival. We want to start a small telematic process with the help of internet technologie. It would be great to have people around the world becoming a part of an "internet festival" here in Virtual- Freiburg! Thanks for your time & interest. Hope to get some response.

Uli Weidener
Freiburg, Germany

Thursday 15 May 1997

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