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äda 'web

äda 'web was established in the early spring of 1995 with the goal to provide contemporary artists (visual artists, as well as composers, movie directors, architects, choreographers, etc), a station from which they can engage in a dialogue with users of the internet.

äda has been on the web since February 1995

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This is the best website i´ve seen yet!!

Thank you for a great website. Found it when searching for Jenny Holzer. Truly confusing, this one. Really great art.

Jonas Svensson
Göteborg, Västergötland, Sweden

Sunday 26 July 1998

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great set out!

your site is an inspiration to upcomming web creators!!


Thursday 23 July 1998

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This is the best site that I have ever visited in my life.

I have never been to a site with such great "web-art" that is so thought provoking. thanx for giving me a few great hours of deep thought.

Kyle Ruark Hoinville
East Lansing, Michigan, United States Of America

Sunday 12 July 1998

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Re: ceipiant

This site is better than leftover tofu from last year. I really enjoyed it. thanks, beta ver. 5.56

beta ver. 5.56
I don't live in a city, it's a really small rural southern town in the united states. Saluda, VA, USA

Thursday 28 May 1998

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Saturday 2 May 1998

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are you guys alive?

Monday 27 April 1998

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This is the most impressive site I have ever seen!

This is a the best use of the internet I have seen to date. This is truly art not just the random crapp that people try to pass off as art on the web. GREAT JOB! Keep it up!

Whitney White Myurs
Washington, DC, USA

Tuesday 3 March 1998

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ada is as Ada was

The first ada was ahead of her time, too.

greg allen
new york, new york, usa

Monday 2 March 1998

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How often do you update the "happier days" feature? It is very interesting and the contributions are thought provoking. However, it seems rather static. Please let me know when the next, new items will be released.

Monday 2 March 1998

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man things were going just sooo smoothly. now this.

Live the dream. Before it lives you.

The Ham King
Virtual Jamestown NY

Saturday 14 February 1998

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necro enema amalgamated

Greetings. I am the principal of Necro Enema Amalgamated, one of the world's most notorious producers of multimedia non-art. OUr CD-ROM series, BLAM! has been banned in Japan, has influenced and featured a score of the world's greatest artists including Rita Ackermann, Richard Kern, Victoria Lynne Golos, Sara Morris and Erect Scumson. Please send us your mailing address so we can send you our latest fun-fest, BLAM! 3 - Negritude -- and our first full-length lp -- enhanced CD for the Mac. And yes, we love AdaWeb.

Eric Swenson
New York, NY

Saturday 24 January 1998

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talk about a shock to find a page, & a good one at that, with my name in the title.

i found your page through the webby awards. very strange to see the very first nomination titled ada; i've never even met another ada ../bin/quote_nota.cgi?read"> read - ada