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äda 'web

äda 'web was established in the early spring of 1995 with the goal to provide contemporary artists (visual artists, as well as composers, movie directors, architects, choreographers, etc), a station from which they can engage in a dialogue with users of the internet.

äda has been on the web since February 1995

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This is not art. This is lame. Is this not lame? This is art.

I think Helen Keller would dig this.

Not Helen Keller
State of Flux, USA

Tuesday 18 April 19100

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So what's happen here at ? Netart is a kind of (electronic) art which uses the media internet as playground to the artists (alternative) points of view. So don't expect to find documentations on common art like "Picasso Scans Gallery" here ;-) The Aim of is to set up a general entrancepoint (portal) for people who are interessted in netart projects on one hand and to start the work of archiving like a virtual museum on the other hand. is ment as a "container" - a skeleton, which is being fulfilled and enhanced by the decentral input of the users that are focused on mediaart/netart. In opposite to other (media/net)Art or Cultureservers and commercial Searchengines, - center for hardwired arts takes a new way between refering to friends linklists and technological/context-missing architectures of common searchengines. The database content is not blown up by automatic searchrobots nor shrink by the single objectivity of a editorial staff. The maxime of is autonomity, as this ensure the maximum of objectivity on nowadays netart. Beside the art database, the server underlines the autonomous usage by the users in many ways, such as collaborative titlecovers, filesharing, discussion board and even the error messages (404 File not found) can be customized by the vistitors.


Monday 3 April 19100

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Neat Site - Text way to small -

Good job on the javascript...but to note - you as you think, are not beyond human - text is to small to read in many places...this is a hackers dream site- but not very ergonomically friendly - consider that - oh I am not a god, so you may not consider it, but thats ok its your site

Kris Something
Seattle, WA

Wednesday 16 February 19100

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Subject: Predicate:

Mister Hunsekker, we are losing our patience with you. We were watching you at the airport and sent you the email as planned - why didn't you check your mail at the kiosk? From now on, follow your instructions to the letter or else.

not very far away

Friday 11 February 19100

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Subject: Predicate:

Mister Hunsekker, we are losing our patience with you. We were watching you at the airport and sent you the email as planned - why didn't you check your mail at the kiosk? From now on, follow your instructions to the letter or else.

The Man

Friday 11 February 19100

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I paint my dog

I paint my dog i was wondering maybe he could be somehow stuck to a computer screen. He is very quiet and wont bother you much. sometimes paint falls from him, like when he move to much. I sometime paint landscape but paint cost to much and it fall off tree to when it rain. i like to paint, email me i paint you. if you want to see some oof my work go to a webpage its at my nepfews page. he desrespects me alot, but he laughs at my work. i put my work on ebay once and it got rejected cause they didn't like my painting of deer i hit in car

donald trimble
in virgina, usa

Friday 21 January 19100

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It has come to my attention that someone has been posting:

It has come to my attention that someone has been posting: To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc. As you are aware, this page contains a malicious javascript that crashes the browser. This is in violation of the ValueWeb AUP which includes: "Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging, unlawful, offensive, or intrusive as determined by ValueWeb shall be considered a breach of this Policy and may result in cancellation of service." Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the future. Failure to remove the link/page, or more occurences of this type of issue will result in account termination.

David A Hartman
San Francisco, CA

Thursday 9 September 1999

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Ada, great. For those of you who are interested - Leeds 13 follows...


The Leeds 13
Leeds, UK

Saturday 21 August 1999

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Sorry about messing up your cool site with my proposition

Hi and cheers for the reply, The idea I have is as follows: Before we start I am not doing this to make cash.!!!!!!! Have you ever gone into a bar or cafe and saw the free post card stands ? Most cards are stylish, don't advertise on the front and are free. There is a company in London making a fortune providing this service. Their service is extremely expensive and does not cover the area that I want to correctly: i.e. Glasgow Scotland. Also they want a minimum run of 27,000 cards which I and most other small businesses can't afford . I want to offer a similar service in the Glasgow area, for Glasgow businesses but one that they can afford. Images should be fun, meaningful, stylish, avante garde, popish etc and designed to attract interest. Each artists who joins the project will be given a link on my Web Site once it is complete or a small amount of Webspace on my site if they don't have their own homepage. All works will be considered and I am not easily offended. All works will be credited to the artist !!! My contact details will be on the back of each card and I will forward interest on to the artist at no charge or commision, unless the artist feels I deserve it! What I and the other businesses get is a chance to promote our business using a novel medium, without paying extreme charges. Artists get 5-10,000 postcards with their work sent around the world,and a chance to show off ! I think no one looses. I am still trying to find a printer and agree a format for the art work but it will probably be Tiff, high quality Jpeg or photo quality based. Beginning in September, I intend to put 10 racks with 10 bays into 10 Glasgow bars as a trial, at my own cost. I will put the first 10,000 cards out with my own design and believe it or not this is still only half the cost of getting the London agency to do it. If this works I would hope to convince 10 businesses a month to use the service and expand it to more Glasgow bars if successful. The idea is to make it low profit so small businesses like mine can afford it. I think it is a cool way of advertising and a cool way for artists to get exposure! If you can support it or know friends who might also want to; Email

Glasgow Scotland

Tuesday 22 June 1999

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beautiful site!!!!!

congratulations! Its a very good way to make a litle world!!! May you talk me about new events, if you want... thank you!!

renato ferreira de arajo
So Paulo, SP, Brasil

Thursday 6 May 1999

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Marble Lady.

Marble Lady. In his art, Jaisini insists on overcoming of the dehumanization, the suppression of sensuality. In every historical period there are ideas and problems which are expressed and will not come to pass. Jaisini seeks to identify this idea in the present, excavate it from the past, and invent it in a new way for the future. In the murky, anxious world of ours, in the midst of the soul's confusions and the multiplying moral losses, the artist seeks and always finds some big and small islands of "eternal truths," and asserts the indestructible age-long parables that reveal these truths in the new light, in his own system of sign-images. I realized that the more you look at "Gleitzeit" works and think, the more you see, feel, and understand, but never completely, as given work always has too many aspects. There is always some kind of "space" in the painting, on which the observer feels free, without a persistent prompting of the artist, to use his own system of perception. To me, "Marble Lady" seems as a late modern modification of the Greek myth of the sculptor Pygmalion, who used his illusionist skill to satisfy a private fantasy of the ideal woman. Disappointed by the imperfections of the opposite sex, he created Galatea out of marble and during a festival in honor of Venus, Pygmalion prayed for a woman as perfect as his statue. Venus answered his prayer by bringing his statue to life and eliminated the boundary between reality and illusion. In Jaisini's "Marble Lady," the object of the intense desire remains alluring, yet perpetually distant. Desire of the others is often imagined in terms of a fetish. The so-called civilized man can be considered in his delight of female form. In "Marble Lady," we find the two types of spectatorship: the masculine and the non-masculine. Therefore, an image of the woman is defined through the desire of both spectators, the unmanly poet and the savage who may well be a subscriber to "Penis Power Quarterly." The statue of Galatea was and still is the symbol of fictional perfection, a result of the search for ideal woman that parallels the artist's own creative urge. A post-feminist culture has found out a way to reinvent the woman as she once was: eager to appear physically attractive, the man-made woman. The "Marble Lady" enables male domination by being unreachable and desirable. The construction of such a female identity fiction can inspire both high and low natures. In all of his works, Jaisini unites the high and low principles, integrating art into the material life, breaking out of art's ivory tower. "Marble Lady" is a compact, pyramidal composition of the "trio." As in all of his works, Jaisini subdues the figures to the articulation of line and its rhythmic connection between forms in space, a sort of analytical process, based on the line swinging which starts up ideas, shapes, and colors. The line arabesques are these highly individual textures of Jaisini's art. A decorative role of the painting's color is to create the temperature contrast of the heated environment with the marble-cold statue. In modern and postmodern times, there are increasingly fewer outlets for sensual urges and desires which lay at the origin of human society that imposes restrictions. Sexuality remained beyond the scope of most art history. Interaction between male and female is still responsible for the continued functioning of the universe. Thank you for reading Marble Lady Oil painting by Jaisini, New York 1999 Text Copyright Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

yustas kotz-gottlieb
new york, ny, usa

Monday 26 April 1999

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Black Curtain/For Kosovo Victims

Hello Friends, On May 1 I will put Black curtain screen to dedicate my site for Kosovo Victims. (only 24 hours). If you are interested, go to this site and see the sample. Valery Grancher a French conceptual artist has initiated this idea. Regards, Fung Lin Hall

Fung Lin Hall
Tempe, Arizona USA

Sunday 25 April 1999

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